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EMMentor - interactive mathematics software for training problem solving skills

EMTeachline Mathematics Software - interactive math problem solving, test authoring

Problem solving is at the heart of mathematics. A major goal of school mathematics is to equip students with knowledge and skills that enable them to approach and solve math problems, learn from both errors and solutions, and make connections between and among math problems and math concepts. EMMentor interactive software is an efficient way for students to achieve this goal. EMMentor offers an infinite number of math problems, a variety of appropriate techniques to solve problems and a unique algorithm of performance analysis with methodical feedback. The software allows students at all levels to practice at their own pace, review their work and monitor their weaknesses and achievements, and provides optimal exercises for building missing math knowledge and skills. All you have to do is to select a math problem and pick up a training technique. Built-in interactive problem solving structure will guide you through problem solving, while a comprehensive multifactor error analysis will reveal your errors and provide recommendations for error correction. With EMMentor you will improve your higher-level thinking skills, build solid math knowledge, develop durable problem solving skills and learn to review your work. Click on the demo buttons below to view examples of training techniques and error analysis, and sample screens of EMMentor.

In addition, EMMentor offers a number of test preparation options that facilitate development of printable math tests, quizzes, exams and homeworks of varied complexity, and automate preparation of test variants. Dozens of tests are ready for learners to review and reinforce their math skills. The software modules are organized by subject. Covered subject areas are Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Trigonometry and Hyperbolic Trigonometry. The trial version of EMMentor can be downloaded from this site. Alternatively, you can try the available options online.

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User options:
Each module provides a repository of math problems graded in 11 difficulty classes, from basic to advanced. The Algebra modules include linear, quadratic, cubic, reciprocal, biquadratic and fractional expressions, identities, equations and inequalities. The Trigonometry modules include all the basic and inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions . Demo
The software enables fast preparation of math tests, quizzes, exams and homeworks in an automatic and manual mode (through visual selection of each example). Generates up to 30 similar variants around each constructed test. All tests with or without the solutions can be printed out . Demo
Provides each math problem with fully explained step-by-step solution or proof . Demo
Offers a variety of training techniques. Provides questions to each solution step and offers multiple choice answers with hints . Demo
Makes an objective multifactor analysis of user's work and detects key errors . Demo
Grades user's performance and offers an optimal set of exercises to close the revealed gaps in math knowledge and skills . Demo
Supports bilingual interface and a number of interface styles. Offers English-to-German and German-to-English translation for each definition, rule etc . Demo

System Requirements:

Pentium 2 or higher


Windows 98 or higher

Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

Plug-in MathPlayer (downloadable from here)


Press release

ABSTRACT. EMTeachline Software has released a PC-based interactive mathematics software brand EMMentor that tutors in solving math problems. This encyclopedic software contains hundreds thousands of fully explained step by step solutions to math problems from basic to advanced and thousands of related definitions, rules, formulas and theorems. Based on a unique teaching technology, EMMentor controls, analyses and grades your performance, detects gaps in your theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills, and generates an optimal set of tasks to close the revealed gaps. This software helps kids grasp math concepts and build problem solving skills much more effectively than any classroom teacher. For teachers and parents, EMMentor offers a comprehensive objective analysis of children's performance, with tables and plots, and methodical recommendations for error correction. Easy-to-use authoring options automate development of math tests and homeworks. The software is designed for mathematics self-study. Provides an ideal help for math teachers. Suitable for elementary, middle and high school use.


The EMTeachline Interactive Mathematics Software EMMentor provides kids and teens with the chance to build outstanding problem-solving skills in math without any external help. Based on a brand-new teaching technology, this highly interactive software will help you much more effectively than any classroom teacher.

EMMentor includes a set of original interactive training techniques and a unique system of performance analysis with methodical feedbacks. Each technique consists of a set of questions asked at each step of task performance and a system of multiple choice answers with hints. Based on an analysis of your answers, the software detects gaps in your theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills and summarises your errors. To correct errors and develop missing skills, EMMentor offers an optimal set of exercises.

The error analysis is made for a particular task performance, as well as for a number of tasks performed during the selected period of time. EMMentor shows, in tables and on plots, how many errors were made and how many hints were used at each step of solution within one technique, the distributions of errors and hints throughout the techniques, over formulas and other math categories, the total number of errors per topic, etc. The concluding methodical recommendations are based on an objective analysis of these joint error distributions. Any teacher or tutor will find this function to be extremely useful.

As a multilingual tutoring program, EMMentor offers a way for children to learn math lexicon in a foreign language. Translation of any text to German or another available language is easily obtained by double-clicking on it. Those kids who study not in a native language will find this option invaluable.

Covered subject areas are arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry and hyperbolic trigonometry. All math problems are graded in 11 complexity classes from basic to advanced and provided with fully explained step by step solutions. Comprehensive tutoring material is provided for each solution step. The available test authoring options automate development of tests, quizzes, homeworks and exams. All developed materials can be printed out or stored in a file and re-used.


Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Operations: multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. Fractions, powers. Numeric expressions: estimation, equivalencies, problem-solving. Solving arithmetic problems using algebraic formulas.

Algebra: Polynomial and fractional rational expressions: transformation, simplification, evaluation. Solution of linear, quadratic, cubic, biquadratic, reciprocal and fractional algebraic equations and inequalities. Proofs of algebraic identities. Solution methods: Substitution, factoring, grouping, Bezout theorem, formulas of short multiplication, method of intervals and more. Related theory: definitions and rules, proof of algebraic formulas and theorems.

Trigonometry and Hyperbolic Trigonometry: trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, arcus functions. Trigonometric and hyperbolic expressions: transformation, simplification, evaluation. Solution of trigonometric and hyperbolic equations. Proofs of trigonometric and hyperbolic identities. Solution methods: universal substitution, sum, product and addition of trigonometric functions, power reduction, multiple argument, shift of argument and more. Related theory: definitions and rules, proof of trigonometric and hyperbolic formulas.


For math students: You will get a diagnosis of all vacancies in your math skills. You can train the missing problem solving skills with the help of dozens of interactive training techniques. You can effectively learn definitions, rules and other math concepts, study solution methods, pick up skills of verbal formulation of math transformations, learn proofs of math formulas and theorems, develop reasoning skills etc. And in parallel, you can learn math lexicon in a foreign language!

For math teachers: You can use an extensive bank of math problems; arrange problems by topic, complexity level, solution method and type of task; compile math tests, quizzes, homeworks and exams of varied complexity; create your own didactic materials and problem-solving lesson plans; generate numerous similar variants of math tests; use dozens of ready variant tests. For each student of yours, you can get an objective analysis of his/her work, revealing his/her weak and strong points, together with an optimal set of tasks for error correction.

Preparation of tests, variant tests and other methodical materials

To prepare various tests, exams, revision exercises and homeworks, math teachers have to either compose examples themselves - which is a long story - or use the existing task-books - which is slow and costly. The EMTeachline mathematics software provides an ideal cost-effective help in these areas...

How does the EMTeachline mathematics software help math teachers?

Once upon a time, when I was a math teacher I knew little about the world of training programs and was extremely skeptical about training potentials of mathematics software. Although I still firmly believe that no program can replace a good math teacher, I am positive that training programs can help math teachers a lot in the following areas...

How does the EMTeachline mathematics software help math tutors?

As a tutor, you work typically with one person, dealing mainly with vacancies in his/her knowledge and skills...

Methodical feedback - what is this?

Teaching students to solve math problems independently, on their own, presents the most challenges for teachers. Theoretical material is limited and must be simply learnt. Practical tasks cannot be just learnt because their number is infinite. The only way is to teach students "to think"...

Organization of an educational material in training software

An educational material, both practical and theoretical, can be arranged in different ways, depending on methodical aims...

How many math examples should contain an ideal software?

There are mathematics programs with no single example at all and there are programs with huge repositories of math examples. Both program types have their advantages and disadvantages...

Criteria for assessing the teaching capabilities of training software

Any training program is a tool designed to build specific knowledge and a suit of practical math skills. It would be useful to have some quantitative and qualitative parameters reflecting the training capabilities of software...