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Thematic contents

The database of the EMTeachline Mathematics Software contains approximately 5 000 000 of math problems. Math problems are graded in 11 difficulty classes and cover all skill levels from basic through advanced. The software modules are organized by subject. Covered subject areas are Arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra I and II, Trigonometry and Hyperbolic Trigonometry. The Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra modules offer tasks on simplification and evaluation of numeric expressions, including fractional expressions, computational problems, proofs of numeric equalities. The Algebra modules offer simplification and evaluation problems, proofs of algebraic identities and inequalities, solutions of algebraic equations and inequalities; included are linear, quadratic, cubic, reciprocal, biquadratic and fractional expressions. The Trigonometry and Hyperbolic Trigonometry modules offer simplification and evaluation problems, proofs of trigonometric and hyperbolic identities, and solutions of trigonometric and hyperbolic equations; included are all the basic and inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions. All problems are solved or proved in full detail. Each module allows employing the database for development of math tests, quizzes, exams, revision exercises and homeworks. Currently available themes, chapters and sections, together with those in preparation, are listed below. Our free online demos allow viewing math examples online.

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Developed math topics:

Topics in preparation:

  • Theory
  • Arithmetic II. Standard calculations. Integers
  • Arithmetic II. Standard calculations. Real numbers
  • Arithmetic III. Algebraic methods. Integers
  • Arithmetic III. Algebraic methods. Real numbers
  • Rational expressions. Computational problems
  • Rational expressions. Transformations and proofs
  • Rational expressions. Proofs of inequalities
  • Rational equations
  • Rational inequalities

Ordinary task-books versus training software

Apart from standard schoolbooks that are selected by a teacher and are mandatory for a student, many people have to buy additional task-books and tutorials. Prior to visiting a book store, consider new opportunities opened by the world of training software...

Organization of an educational material in training software

An educational material, both practical and theoretical, can be arranged in different ways, depending on methodical aims...

How many math examples should contain an ideal software?

There are mathematics programs with no single example at all and there are programs with huge repositories of math examples. Both program types have their advantages and disadvantages...

Preparation of tests, variant tests and other methodical materials

To prepare various tests, exams, revision exercises and homeworks, math teachers have to either compose examples themselves - which is a long story - or use the existing task-books - which is slow and costly. The EMTeachline mathematics software provides an ideal cost-effective help in these areas...

How does the EMTeachline mathematics software help math teachers?

Once upon a time, when I was a math teacher I knew little about the world of training programs and was extremely skeptical about training potentials of mathematics software. Although I still firmly believe that no program can replace a good math teacher, I am positive that training programs can help math teachers a lot in the following areas...